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And again some dried flowers and leaf from my travels in India last year. I picked this giant milkweed which is very common in the Thar desert; it even has some green fruits on it. Not edible for human, but goat eat it. And a dry leaf. I am still in a fix whether I should paint some landscape, which is not my strong point or interest per se. We’ll see on my next journey, I guess. My colorpalette this time: strong greens as Hookers green/cobalt dark green and mauve/brilliant blue violet for the flowers. The dry leaf has some olive green/translucent brown/vanDijcks earth and burned sienna. The sky a cerulean blue and yellow ochre for the sands.


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In the Thar desert, near Bikaner, I saw shrubs of white/purple giant milkweed or calotropis procera. Inside the stalks of this plant is a milky fluid, said to be toxic for human. Animals, goats eat it. The shrubs can grow quite tall.DSC00130

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