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Travelling in India and gathering plants. I don’t have the time to paint so I dry them in my travel-herbarium. On my way from Agra to Orcha I picked some doornappel or a local variety of the Datura Stramonium. According to a knowledgable friend, there are some LSD-ish seeds in the fruits. My color palette for these leaves: vanDijckearth, sap green, yellow ochre, sepia brown, sienna natur, olive green, umber natur and burned umber. On my travel I managed to pick up some 6 very tiny pointed brushes in Udaipur, of which I am very glad. p1030067


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I have travelled Sri Lanka for 15 days, and though I had little time to actually paint, I collected some flowers/leafs. I dried all in a small travel herbarium I made; Negombo, Kalle, Tangalle, Kandy, Deniyaya, Hortan Plains. I picked up some leaves of the 2500 year old Bodhi tree, which is a saplingĀ of the original Budha tree from India. So….browns for the leaves, the tiny flowers I found under a coconut tree and pods; burned umber, Van Dyck brown earth, sepia, Terra Puzzolli, walnut. Magenta/ madder red dark/dark red and permanent violet/China iridon violet for the flat dried flowers.DSC04404 DSC04401

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Who knows what these dry flowers are, without looking at the title? I picked these irises at the end of last summer. They have been in my room since that time, together with dried cornstalks and such. This is a chance to use the brown and yellows, the earth colors: wallnut brown, sienna natur, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ochre and Indian yellow.DSC00181

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