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And the lampionplant or physalis once again. Though it seems to be a pest to gardeners, as it appears everywhere, I do not have them in my garden. I planted some last year, but I begin to suspect that these plants take two years to get the lampions, so patience…… I started these drawings in october, but finished them today, as part of my new-years resolution. I do like the shape and colour of these flowers, the orange and browns, once they dry. Translucent orange is a strong orange and more or less vibrant. Chroom orange tends to get dull when dried, so I mostly use the translucent one, together with gold brown and Terra Puzzolli. The stems and such I paint with Van Dijcks Brown Earth which is one of my favorite browns; it holds far better than the walnut or sepia and it makes for thinner sharper lines, as I tend to paint my outlines first with it. I am not satisfied entirely with the painting, but I will draw them again next year……


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