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And again some dried flowers and leaf from my travels in India last year. I picked this giant milkweed which is very common in the Thar desert; it even has some green fruits on it. Not edible for human, but goat eat it. And a dry leaf. I am still in a fix whether I should paint some landscape, which is not my strong point or interest per se. We’ll see on my next journey, I guess. My colorpalette this time: strong greens as Hookers green/cobalt dark green and mauve/brilliant blue violet for the flowers. The dry leaf has some olive green/translucent brown/vanDijcks earth and burned sienna. The sky a cerulean blue and yellow ochre for the sands.


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Walking along our river the Waal, heavily used by cargo- and other ships, there is not much green to be seen on it’s shores at this part of it. Still, there are some dry winter plants left; I don’t know the name of it. Sepia browns, burned sienna, umber natur, yellow ochre, vanDijck’s earth, translucent brown and neutral grey are it’s colors. Lovely things to paint, very interesting how it all fits together.

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