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An Iris that I painted some time ago and the rest of the page was empty. A good opportunity to draw some Ginko Biloba leaves; a study in patience, as the leaves have several tiny veins. All colors of green, yellow, orange and brown. From translucent orange to vandijcksearth. (never mind the Iris…)p1010228


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This beautiful lampionplant (Dutch) Physalis is a pest for some gardeners, as it settles itself everywhere. It looks like a Chinese lantern, but it is difficult to catch the glow on it on paper. The orange is so vibrant, and only when the paint is still wet it glows. Having said this, I aim to paint them at least once a year, so I can ameliorate the previous I hope. The green leaves are underpainted with yellow green and afterwards green olive for the veins and a mixture of indigo/cadmium yellow for the rest. The lanterns itselves are outlined and accentuated with translucent orange and filled in with cadmium orange dark. As I mentioned before, it is difficult to catch this orange glow. I scraped some paper from the lanterns in order to give it highlights. I could use masking fluid I suppose,  but I don’t like to work with it; for some reason it feels a bit like cheating, but that’s just my personal thing.P1010220

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