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Bulbs are coming to bloom in my garden; Calla or Zantedeschia. I bought these mixed in color, but they all turn out to be a lovely purple/rosa. So I took out the bulb, cleaned it a bit…upstairs for drawing…..and back in the garden again…. Mangan- cobalt violet and cadmium yellow/madder red dark for the flowers and olive green/green olive for the leaves. Umber natur, vanDijckeart, translucent brown, Terra Puzzoli, burned sienna and gold brown for the bulb.calla


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I still had some leaves to finish from this spring: beech and horse chestnut. I would like to perfect my leaves some more, as there are so many wonderful things to see in them. The different colors: yellow ochre, burned sienna,walnut brown, vandijck earth, translucent brown, gold brown, Terra Pozzuli, olive green, green olive and China iridon violet.P1000784

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