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A friend was cutting some branches of his araucaria and I asked for some. This araucaria or monkey puzzle tree looks to be very organized with its sturdy branches, when it sheds its surplus the appearance of this tree can be a mess. Different greens and the shades of the thorns made it a bit of a challenge, but this tree does have some character. Burned umber, vanDijck’s earth, gold and translucent brown, sepia, olives for the green parts.P1000722


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This year I painted the beautiful bearded iris from my garden; in red, blue and yellow. I used the different purples; mauve, brilliant blue violet, permanent violet and cobalt violet dark.  The yellow one with lemon  and translucent yellow. For the red iris I mixed ultramarine and dark red, which gives a beautiful color.  P1000716P1000719P1000718

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