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P1000314 P1000313In my frontgarden are some small narcissi and it is a challenge to walk by every day and not draw them of course. I experimented with the greens; that is, I mixed indigo and cadmiumyellow to get the green for the leaves and such. Though I rather like the color green it gives, I don’t like the lack of transparecy of this mixture; it is a bit too dense. It is difficult to lift some color off it afterwards and there is rather too much water involved. For the flowers themselves I used all colours of yellow and orange: lemon-cadmium-chroom dark- Indian and translucent yellow and for the oranges:chroom-translucent-cadmium and cadmium dark orange.P1000315


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I don’t even know the name of these leaves, but I thought that especially the greenish ones have a certain character. I pick up all kind of things on my walks; even a beautiful huge Nautillus shell from a taxidermyshop http://demuseumwinkel.com/index.php?route=common/home. I am very tempted to draw that one, but I have the principle that I have to find things in nature for myself; while walking or travelling. For the red leaf I used Vandijcksearth and dark red. For the green leaves: several greens, such as chroom dark green, olive green, green olive, sepia and brilliant yellow dark.P1000301

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