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While walking I find that also in december there are interesting things to be found. There still are some plants/shrubs in bloom, the cotoneaster being one of them. I used to have Helloborus as well in my garden, but no more for some reason. Cotoneaster, haselnut, an unknown nut, wild chestnut, autumn leave and snails are the things I picked up. Indian red/dark red for the the leave, sepia/vanDijckearth/translucent brown/terra pozzuoli for the divers nuts and some browns/cadmium yellow/yellow ochre and sepia for the snails.P1000048


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Last year, while cycling in East-Germany, I sketched a butterfly in a meadow and now I found the time to paint it. I don’t really know whether this is ‘my cup of tea’; as I like the detailed drawing rather than┬ámaking the background, so this will be a first and a last, perhaps. Anyway, it is an gratifying experience to use the brilliant colors:scarlet red, dark red, cadmium red, lemon yellow and cobalt violet. Well, here it is.P1000038

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