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Flipping through my sketchbook, I discovered I didn’t finish my drawing of the shells. I found them on a gravel/shell path I walked this summer, through the University Botanical Gardens of Utrecht. It is amazing how many colours there are in a seemingly grey shell: chroom dark brillant green, neutral grey, Paynes blue, Paynes grey, umber natur, sienna natur, burned sienna, yellow ochre, vanDyck’s earth, sepia brown, madder brown…..to name most of them.DSC04986


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And once more a drawing of the plants of the municipality. The dwergmispel or cotoneaster is a shrub which blooms late in the year and bears astringent fruit. Small yellow apples, mispels, from which one can make jam. Didn’t try it as yet…… Burned umber, vanDijckearth, gold brown and sepia for the brown parts. Cadmium red in different dilutions for the flowers and translucent yellow and brilliant yellow dark for the mispels (van Dijckearth for the spots).DSC04985

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The Rosa Canina of hondsroos is one of the shrubs I walk past every day. The municipality has planted them along the footpaths. Beauty, as well as resistance to plant diseases seems to have been been the starting point of their plant schemes and they have succeeded well, I think. Magenta and purple magenta in different dilutions for the flowers this time.DSC04941

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