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It is autumn now and a bit nippy. At the side of the path where I often walk there are these teasels, grote kaardebol or dipsacus fullonum. Long ago they were used in textile processing as a natural comb. They look very attractive, I find. It took me a while to get’ their system’, that is the natural order of this plant. I used a variety of browns: siennas, umbers, walnut brown, sepia, some translucent brown and Vandijcke brown earth. I use the latter a lot these days, as it is a strong, earthy brown. ¬†DSC02737



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It is getting on to winter, but there still are roses in my garden, some hanging on in sheer desperation, or so it seems. The climbers on my rose arch have few flowers now, as it almost freezes at night. The rose-bushes have plenty of rose hips and are letting go of their leaves. I could make jam out of them, but not this year. I am painting on twice the scale, from A5 on to A4 (210mmx297mm). There is always a compromise when painting leaves. In any case, starting with the light colour is sensible and leaving out white for the highlights. In stead of walnut brown, I use the Van Dycke brown earth, which has more opacity.



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