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In april and may I went to Indonesia for a month. I visited a rubber plantation, cacaotrees,  the Toba lake with its beautiful Batak houses and ended up in Ubud(Bali), where I drew an orange flower; a climber. I try to keep the plants/flowers in good shape, but when I pressed them in my specially made travel herbarium, the plants moulded. Also I tried to keep the plants in airtight sacs, but that takes too much space in the suitcase. As I sketch in a small book, app.13×20 cm, I cannot use much water in my watercolors and I have to pay attention to the different stades of coloring: from light to darker colors and a full day of rest between two sessions, and of course the brushes.  And I am making a small sketch book with experiments in color. I’ll post some pics of my travel herbarium, experiment and brushes later on.DSC02172





















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