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Who knows what these dry flowers are, without looking at the title? I picked these irises at the end of last summer. They have been in my room since that time, together with dried cornstalks and such. This is a chance to use the brown and yellows, the earth colors: wallnut brown, sienna natur, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ochre and Indian yellow.DSC00181


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There still are some climbing roses flowering this winter. They are very fragile; the leaves tend to drop very easily and are spotted with brown and water. I used my usual olive green, green olive, cadmium yellow, madder brown and Indian red for the leaves and stem. The roses itself with a diluted brillant purple, magenta and may green/olive green.DSC00172DSC00173

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A lot of eating is done at the huge camel fair in Pushkar. I picked up these dried red peppers and the next day some acacia pods in Bikaner, also in the great Thar Desert. The red peppers are colored in the earthy colors, sienna natur, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber, madder brown, walnut brown and India red; some olive green thrown in. The acacia pods also with yellows and browns, sienna natur, burn umber, yellow ochre and walnut brown.DSC00177

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