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Now that I’m painting a bit, I notice all the different colors of green of the leaves, and the details. These beech leaves do have iny tiny hairs on some part of the leaves if one looks closely. It was a lot of work, painting the leaves and veins. Cadmium yellow and olive green yellow for the veins, green olive and different measures of cadmium yellow for the leaves.  For the hairs on the bud and the tiny brown buds I used different siennas: natur and burnt sienna, yellow ochre and burnt umber. P1120855P1120854




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And….the hottest day it will be in my country….37 C. Campanula in my garden is like a weed; I didn’t plant or sow any. It has many leaves around the stem; they overlap and have different nuances. Painting the leaves takes a lot of time, because of the shadows and the different greens. I used chroom green/cadmium yellow, permanent green olive and green olive. To darken the leaves I mixed the light with the darker greens. The flower itself is magna rose violet and ultramarine violet. The pistils are light naples yellow red and at the beginning of the leaves Indian red.campanula

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