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Last month I painted a peony in flower (not happy with it, but well…) and now I painted the same one after flowering. For the greens and the rest I used greenish yellow, dark red, indian red, walnut brown, some brillant purple and olive green. For the first peony in bloom I used brillant purple and the pistils d.chroom yellow.




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Summer has begun after our long winter, with rain and wind in the last part. There is a arch with white roses in my garden and few years ago I planted clematis at the foot where the rose doesn’t have leaves nor flowers. Now the clematis is taking over this arch. I experimented with cadmium yellow and ultramarine finest for the green of the leaves; its borders with Indian red. The purple of the flowers comes from the whole range: bright red violet, mauve for the large flower, China iridon violet, magna rose violet and brillant purple. I rather liked painting this flower.Clematis

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I picked some tiny roses along the road to paint. They are somewhat prickly as the stems have tiny hairs. For the flowers I used cadmium yellow underpaint and magenta with madderbrown stains. The pistils are chroom d. yellow and walnutbrown. Leaves are green olive/cadmium yellow and the stems a lighter hue. Along the stems patches of sepia brown and Indian red. The hairs on the stems with Indian red/madder brown. Only 10 degrees was it when I picked them.tiny rose

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