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Many different coloured  ivy in my garden which grows really fast, with all the rain we have this summer. I painted the veins of the dark ivy with may green and the light with green olive. The green of the dark one: chroom d.green/ultramarine and the light one is cadmium yellow/ultramarine; to give it a bright green. The dry leave is painted with burnt/raw umber, madder brown, walnut brown and sepia.ivy/klimop


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Many snails I have in my garden, eating the hosta and basil. Often they desert their houses and I collect them. Over the coming year I’ll paint about 18 of them from different points of view. It is a nice thing as they don’t wither like flowers. Coloring is a challenge, especially the grey/blue/rosa. I use the earthcolors: sienna natur, umber, ochres but also translucent yellow, walnut brown and ultramarine finest. Here are the first snails.P1120663

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