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It has been snowing this week. Crocus are starting to appear in the garden; violet and white ones first. There are cochlea around for the birds. For the first layer of the cochlea I use a paynes/grey/blue from which I build it up with white, mauve,raw umber, chroom orange and walnut brown. It is amazing to see all those colors in such a thing. The crocus gets bright blue violet, mauve and chroom/yellow/deep. It takes me about a week to finish, as all previous color does have to be dry ┬ábefore attempting the next color. When it’s done too hasty, the underlying color will mix with the new.crocus, cochlea


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Winter is not yet over, but things are looking up in my garden. The climbing hydrangea (hydrangea anomala) is preparing for new leaves and eventually flowers. There are remnants of last year’s dried flowers on it’s branches.hydrangea in winter

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