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amaryllisFrom a Christmas flower arrangement there was an Amaryllis bulb left, which I watered and now has began to bloom. I will  paint the different stadia. When painting this flower; the flowering goes faster than one would like. The flowers get light cadmium red  and then I experiment with dark red/ultramarine.Amaryllis








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Well, this schlumbergera, a cactae, is an interesting plant. I don’t exactly know what is the difference between the two colors. For the leaves I use olive-green, with dappling of waterstains, indian red lines on top as well tiny brown hairs walnutbrown and black. The rosa flower is colored with magenta/Chinese white and the next layer magenta. The red flower gets permanent cadmium and next a mixture of permanent cadmium/deep yellow chrome and dark red. The pistils of the flower are naples yellow.schlumbergera redschlumbergera rosa

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