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This is quite another hyacinth than the previous one, which had dried out. After sketching I paint the bulb with Chinacridon violet and then walnutbrown. The leaves get cadmiumyellow and olivegreen and the tiny stripes  olive green and permanent olive green. hyacinth roseAs for the shadows: neutral/umber and a touch of olive green. It is a good policy to use the colors of the flowers itself in the shadows. The pink flowers get magenta/Chinese white. The green touches in between yellow olive, the darker rose  brillant purple/Chinese white and the darkest blue.red.violet/permanent carmine. The stalk is olivegreen and english venetian red. I am still searching for a kind of dark, chocolate brown for the wrinkles in the bulb. The nearest I can get to it is mixing walnutbrown with some ivory black. For the light brown accents on the base of the bulb, I mix burnt umber with Chinese white.


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The hyacinth has flowered and will be planted again next autumn. After a  sketch and outline with water color, I color the leaves yellow-olive and the dry part of the leaves yellow ochre. hyacintbulbAfter drying of the paint for a day: the roots get umber+chinese white, dappled with walnutbrown+ivory black. The bulb some violet the different layers the bottom of the bulb are lined with walnutbrown. Next some violet on the green leaves.

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There is not much to see in the garden now, in winter and in between the rains. But there is this tall 15 meter high Blue Spruce in the back yard. I painted a cone and a branch. It took me about a week to get it done, as the paint has to dry out. I paint wet on dry. There a many tiny details to take care of, especially on the cone: shadows, the different shades. For the needles I have to look how they grow, how they are fastened to the branch etc.Blue Spruce I want the needles be clearly visible. The branch and cone are outlined with walnut/burnt umber and the needles with olive green/cobalt/ultramarine. It is a work of patience. The first wash of the cone is with sierra natur and I fill the needles with cobalt/white. Not yet the wood, as this comes too close to the needles and it will flow out.

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