Visiting my friend, I picked some snow drops from her garden. For some reason the snow drops in my own garden didn’t appear this year; it is an enigma. I mixed cadmium yellow and indigo for the greens, in different dilutions. I rather like the indigo/cadmium mixtures. It is a challenge to paint white flowers, as they are defined by their absence of color and the shadows of their petals. It is rather warm for the time of the year, so the snow drops appeared from the middle of January.P1000126

While walking I find that also in december there are interesting things to be found. There still are some plants/shrubs in bloom, the cotoneaster being one of them. I used to have Helloborus as well in my garden, but no more for some reason. Cotoneaster, haselnut, an unknown nut, wild chestnut, autumn leave and snails are the things I picked up. Indian red/dark red for the the leave, sepia/vanDijckearth/translucent brown/terra pozzuoli for the divers nuts and some browns/cadmium yellow/yellow ochre and sepia for the snails.P1000048

Butterfly in summer

Last year, while cycling in East-Germany, I sketched a butterfly in a meadow and now I found the time to paint it. I don’t really know whether this is ‘my cup of tea’; as I like the detailed drawing rather than┬ámaking the background, so this will be a first and a last, perhaps. Anyway, it is an gratifying experience to use the brilliant colors:scarlet red, dark red, cadmium red, lemon yellow and cobalt violet. Well, here it is.P1000038

shells from summer

Flipping through my sketchbook, I discovered I didn’t finish my drawing of the shells. I found them on a gravel/shell path I walked this summer, through the University Botanical Gardens of Utrecht. It is amazing how many colours there are in a seemingly grey shell: chroom dark brillant green, neutral grey, Paynes blue, Paynes grey, umber natur, sienna natur, burned sienna, yellow ochre, vanDyck’s earth, sepia brown, madder brown…..to name most of them.DSC04986

dwergmispel, cotoneaster

And once more a drawing of the plants of the municipality. The dwergmispel or cotoneaster is a shrub which blooms late in the year and bears astringent fruit. Small yellow apples, mispels, from which one can make jam. Didn’t try it as yet…… Burned umber, vanDijckearth, gold brown and sepia for the brown parts. Cadmium red in different dilutions for the flowers and translucent yellow and brilliant yellow dark for the mispels (van Dijckearth for the spots).DSC04985

The Rosa Canina of hondsroos is one of the shrubs I walk past every day. The municipality has planted them along the footpaths. Beauty, as well as resistance to plant diseases seems to have been been the starting point of their plant schemes and they have succeeded well, I think. Magenta and purple magenta in different dilutions for the flowers this time.DSC04941

Another Chinese lantern

Here’s another Chinese lantern. I will draw and paint them as I have kept quite a lot of them and I find it fascinating: the shape, color and such. Again with the translucent orange and the other colors I used in the previous ones. Next time I’ll try to use only one layer though, to get a more transparent look.DSC04918


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